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Deebet's Play It Loud Fwaggle
(Ch. Fwaggle Hits The High Spot X Ch. Deebet's Special One)

Breeder: Deanna Bettle
Owners: Wendy Kelly & Deanna Bettle

"Bailey" is shaping up to be a beautiful puppy!  He is pictured above at 6 months of age.  We are thrilled that he is able to enjoy the best of both worlds, as a loving companion to Derrick and Janice Thompson and with a bright career ahead in the conformation ring!  Janice also plans to train "Bailey" for competitive sports like obedience and agility so it won't be long before "Bailey" is following in his great grandfather "Murphy's" (Can Ch Ryas Batteries Not Included CD, CDX, UD, FD, AD) footsteps!  Sorry for the washed out colour in some of the photos, my scanner is malfunctioning.  He really does have lots of hair!!  :) 

Bailey has been having a ball!!! Here are his latest accomplishments:

Special thanks to Deanna Bettle for sending us such a lovely puppy!

Watch for updated photos of "Bailey" in the coming weeks!

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