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Manchester Terriers are scarce on the web but here are a few of our favourite sites:

Home Pages

Toy Manchester Terriers:

Saint Lazar Kennels

Deebet Toy Manchester Terriers

Nanrox Toy Manchester Terriers

Rustic Lane TMTs

Amalek English Toy Terriers (UK)

E-Bet TMTs

Standard Manchester Terriers:

Jumpstart Kennels

Trilogy Kennels

Mersey Manchester Terriers

RaRa Manchester Terrier Page (Germany)

Intopalleron Manchester Terriers (Finland)

 Fanatic's Manchester Terriers (Belgium)


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VetGen: Manchester Terrier Findings

VetGen: Interpreting Results and Planning Breedings    


Canadian Manchester Terrier Club

American Manchester Terrier Club

British Manchester Terrier Club

Canadian Kennel Club

American Kennel Club

Kennel Club (Great Britain)

Manchester Review On-Line Magazine

Manchesters Forever (Adoption/Info)

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